Landscape Learn is a new prototype for learning and engaging with the landscapes around us. Landscape Learn will use the seasonality of nature to structure our approach to adaptive and immersive learning.

It will be open to students, professionals and communities, and will be hosted by a network of landscape experts to provide an agile, process driven and collaborative method of learning.

There will be access to online resources, essays, design projects and research and the ability to take part in a seasonal programme of tutorials, tours, field trips, workshops and explorations.

To us, finding an alternative method of sharing knowledge between the many disciplines working with the landscape above and below ground, seems paramount to improving life.

Find out more about what inspired us to create Landscape Learn.

Upcoming events

Winter Dormancy


18 Feb 2017


£5 inc. lunch

On the 18th of February Landscape Learn in collaboration with Phytology invite you to join us, in an exploration of the nature reserve, to discover methods for redefining city space, discuss urban ecologies, medicinal plants and local history.

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